Fade Awaays’ “Get Along” Is Chaotic Garage Rock For Realistic Optimism

Rock bomb for your ears

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Toronto-based quartet Fade Awaays reminds us of the value of practicing realistic optimism under shitty circumstances in their single “Get Along.” Yeah, yeah. You’re probably eyerolling thinking what do these four lads know, but once you listen to the track, you can get the vibe that these dudes have gone through as much frustrations and anger as you have. The shattering drums and bursting strings unleashes pure, euphonious chaos that feel therapeutic. Stream below:

The quartet explained that it “is about trying to make the best of situation and trying to get along with the ones you love in hard times.”

Fade Awaays started jamming at their local club scenes and has built a solid fanbase, which eventually led them to playing in other cities and various Canadian music festivals. They have some shows coming up in the upcoming days, so go holla at them:

9/22 – The Windsor Beer Exchange (Windsor, ON, Canada)

9/23 – Junction City Music Hall (Toronto, ON, Canada)