LOYAL Captures The Knee-Jerk Motions Of Life In “Patterns That Fall”

Funk-infused indie rock

Photo: Ozge Cone

Brighton band LOYAL takes us through the mechanical motions of our daily existence in their new single “Patterns That Fall.” Built on dense riffage with twists of funk, “Patterns That Fall” is a mellow and evocative reflection where the hushed, raspy choruses capture the detached and involuntary ways we live. It’s witty, moody, and has a tender groove to it that makes it comforting. Play on-repeat:

In regards to their new single, the band’s Laurence Allen shared, “The lyrics and music came to us incredibly naturally. Almost like a stream of consciousness from both sides. The song represents us as human beings falling through our limited time here; The binary code happening behind our endless social media scrolling, even the rain as it falls. In that reflective Monday morning mood it felt as though everything in life was a mere pattern falling with little direction or rule. The comfort is to know we are all experiencing the exact same thing – and embracing that is all we can do.”

LOYAL is comprised of members Laurence, James Day, and Alex Cowan who broke into the scene with their critically acclaimed 2016 single “Blue & The Green.” The trio is getting ready to release their EP, Patterns That Fall, which will be out on December 7th. They have a show coming up tomorrow, so if you’re in Brighton don’t miss them:

9/21 – Patterns (Brighton, UK)