Jay Bird’s “Overboard” Is Your Chaotic Ticketway To Self-Zen

Ethereal and messily gorgeous indetronica

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

You probably have bumped to Jay Bird in Hype Machine or SoundCloud, but if you haven’t you’re in for a treat. The California-based artist crafts an ethereal floodgate of blissful indietronica that leaves you in an enlightening state of mind. Nope, we’re not exaggerating. His latest single “Overboard” is an explosive and dreamy piece where Jay delves you into a pandemonium of breathy synths and dense ambience that suspends you into a frisson chaos. Weirdly enough, the bombastic nature of the track sets you into a dreamy, Zen-like state. It’s almost as if the bursting beats destroys any inner anxiety you may have. Stream below:

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