Alya’s “Puppet Strings” Is A Haunting Braid Of Pop & Darkness

Eerie indietronic pop

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

LA-based artist Alya plays with our heartstrings by taking us into the deep psychological layers of emotional manipulation with her hauntingly gorgeous single “Puppet Strings.” Built on taut and dirge-like production, the track swings between ghostly pop and psychedelia where she hovers closely around a dreamy state. The rustling synths and gritty riffage cast a hypnotic, harrowing effect that feels paranormal. Drifting between glass-cutting and fraying vocals, Alya dissects the helplessness and bewitching way someone can exercise control over us. “With puppet strings, I am tied up with you” she chants. Stream below:

Check out an exclusive look behind the meaning of “Puppet Strings” with Alya:

Alya has been making buzz across in the indie pop scene with her previous single “Animals,” which was playlisted across various radio stations. Originally a journalist, Alya started making music in Japanese during her spare time and created her first musical project, Japanica. Despite her successful career in journalism, Alya never felt fully happy in the field and eventually decided to pursue music full time. In 2014, the gal got married, moved to LA, and started working with producer David J. Holman. She’s currently gearing towards releasing two versions of her debut album, one in English and Japanese, which are a multi-genre breed of indietronica, pop, surf rock, trip hop, and even Japanese folk.

Alaya is also participating in the Independent Music Awards, so make sure to vote for the gal here.

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