ISLAND Taught Us British Slang At Their Show

Apparently, ‘you suck’ means ‘you’re great’ in English

All photos by Sun Jung (IG: @sunofajung)

UK rockers ISLAND has recently crossed The Atlantic to conquer the stages of North America in support of their debut album Feels Like Air (out now via Frenchkiss Records). These four lads have already broken 4 million Spotify streams and have more than 600k monthly listeners, which isn’t surprising since their sound is one hypnotic journey built on broody existentialism and head-kicking riffs. Stream the record below:

Like any British band that is ready to conquer America, ISLAND stopped by Los Angeles where they hit the stages of Moroccan Lounge, where they asked the crowd to yell ‘you suck’ cus apparently that’s a compliment in British slang…don’t trust them. Anyways, we sent one of our staff members to go record the show, take photos, interview them, and write the lyrics to all the songs they played. She only took photos:

Follow ISLAND on Instagram and see them in person:

9/25 – Stubbs Jr (Austin, TX, USA)

9/26 – Mohawk (Dallas, TX, USA)

9/28 – Record Bar (Kansas City, MO, USA)

9/29 – 7th St Entry (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

10/1 – Beat Kitchen (Chicago, IL, USA)

10/2 – Basement (Columbus, OH, USA)

10/4 – Great Scott (Boston, MA, USA)

10/5 – Songbyrd (Washington, DC, USA)

10/6 – Baby’s All Right (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

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