Huntly’s “Drop Gear” Video May Or May Not Traumatize You

Like The Blair Witch Project meets a dance-off

Photo: Phebe Schmidt

Melbourne trio Huntly takes us through a rough and chaotic night of dancing, shaky cameras, and semi-horror footages with their new music video “Drop Gear.” It’s hilarious in the sense that it reminds you of iconic films like The Blair Witch Project but at the same time the type of videos you recorded during your pubescent days with your Blackberry. Created by Australian Reflexxx (Directors Jack Jen Atherton & André Shannon), it’s a freaky video filled with nostalgia and mild dose of horror:

“‘Drop Gear’ is set at the tipping point of two relationships. It starts messy on a hot night in summer, and it builds with the momentum of wanting someone and trying to hold it back from them. Drop Gear is that energy, that distance I needed to put between me and someone else before it imploded.” explained lead singer Elsepeth.

The track is out now via Barely Dressed Records.