Kinck’s “Twisted” Is A Self-Love Song With A Kooky Twist

Experimental trip hop

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Danish newcomer Kinck slashes the boundaries of trip hop with her eccentric beats and mind-bending experimental samples with her single “Twisted.” It’s a kooky track that feels slo-mo and rushed at the same time where Kinck’s exercises her vocal versatility from rapping to crooning without any friction. Stream below:

“I [had] been really focused on writing my own material very organically and freeing myself from all the [restraints] that sometimes come in writing pop songs,” commented Kinck of the new song. “It was about self-love and the inner fight we can have as women learning from [when] we are little girls that our happiness comes second after pleasing the world around us. ‘Twisted’ is me growing into a self-loving woman.”

Be on the lookout for more beats from Kinck this year.