Zack Gray’s “Imperfect Love” Hits The Spot Flawlessly

R&B sprinkled with EDM

Artwork: Zack Gray

Las Vegas-based artist Zack Gray hits the spot in every imaginable way with his latest R&B single “Imperfect Love.” Unlike other songs of its genre, Zack amplifies the magnitude by adding the grand-sized beats of EDM to it. The result is a rare hybrid between slow-burning melody and blood-rushing intensity. Stream below:

You probably heard of Zack Gray from his collaboration with Paix, which garnered more than 2.2 million YouTube views within two months. Although Zack is known for electronic sound, he is definitely breaking the boundaries of his old style by toying with other elements and still managing to produce bangers. He has some shows coming up in a few days, so if you’re in Miami make sure to catch him in person:

9/29 – Raw Pop Up (Miami, FL, USA)

9/30 – SoFar Sounds (Miami, FL, USA)