Daffodils’ “A Leo Underwater” Is For All Of Us Who Dumped Our Emotions

Synthpop for your chronic emotional detachment episodes.

Photo: Courtesy of Kartel PR

We now live in an era where the topic of emotional attachment is constantly flipping from one extreme end to another. In some days, Instagram preaches vulnerability while in other days podcasts tell you to meditate so you can become more emotionally detached. Although this is not a guided meditation, Daffodils’ “A Leo Underwater” really captures the soothing numbness we feel when we remove our feelings from the equation. The 80s-tinged synthpop exudes the vibrant air of summertime nights, but also the moodiness that we experience as the warm weather departs. Stream below:

“‘A Leo Underwater’ is about being disconnected,” explains frontman Theo. “The feeling of drifting away from the things that are important to you. It’s about the end of summer, and the way things change.”

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Daffodils are currently working on their EP, which will be out in early 2019. They have a show tonight, so if you live in Auckland go see them:

9/27 – The Tuning Fork (Auckland, New Zealand)