She & Him Share First Ever Xmas Show Dates

Coming to LA, San Francisco & Austin this December

Photo: Dan Winters

She & Him, the duo band comprised of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, has announced ‘A Very She & Him Christmas’ shows for this December. Their first collection of holiday music was released back in 2011, which was festive and all that. BUT the best Xmas music from them, and probably the entire world, is “Winter Wonderland.” Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but not in this topic. Cuz the video features adorable wrinkly and squashed faced pugs that are in their Xmas outfits:

It was a tough Xmas; the post-election world seemed like a hopeless shit show. But these pugs kinda restored some hope for life:


Especially this one who sums up our mood then and now:

Tongue yoga

Anyways, make sure to see the duo in person.