Sune Rose’s “After All” Is A Love Song About Doomed Relationships

And it’s grandiose

Photo: Ashlie Chavez

With dense and ominous riffage, Sune Rose buoys us with his single “After All” – a tragic love song that oddly boost your mood. Maybe it’s because of the grand-sized guitar strings or the chest-swelling buzz in the background, but “After All” possesses the energetic kick of garage rock and the satisfying acknowledgement that certain relationships are just doomed…yet we cling to them anyways. Enjoy:

Sune Rose is mostly known for being the vocalist and guitarist for The Raveonettes. His works have also been used for TV shows and commercials that you’ve heard, but was never aware of – and we’re talking about main ones like Converse, Corona, Gossip Girl, Lego, and all the goodness corporate America has been feeding us recently. Sune is currently working on recording several covers for Netflix series Altered Carbon and will probably release more of his solo works.