7Chariot’s “Pyrokinesis” Is A Heart-Burning Electropop

Setting fire to your playlist

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

Nashville-based artist 7Chariot takes us fire and self-destruction in her new flaming electropop single “Pyrokinesis” where she captures the poisonous effect of a relationship through a burning metaphor. Melodically, the track builds and bursts like an unexpected fire where she starts off with a slow-burning melody and tiptoeing vocals that quickly lead up to a cathartic explosion. Stream below:

“‘Pyrokinesis’ is about navigating an emotionally toxic relationship. It speaks to the conflict we experience when we love deeply and feel this profound connection to someone who has only brought out the worst in us.” explained 7Chariot.

The track is available now in all platforms via 0E0E.