Elel’s “Tequila” Is Party Anthem For Survivors

We could all use some tequila in our lives

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR. NTS: Don’t blink during photos or you’ll end up being that dude whose blink face ended up across the press

While ‘tequila’ might not be the first thing you’ll think during Monday mornings (or any mornings), it probably will once you listen to Elel’s “Tequila.” The Nashville-based band has shared their indietronic pop anthem that is built on a hybridized soundscape of trip hop rhythms and pop hooks. It’s not your typical lamestream jam – “Tequila” packs a strangely balanced dose of party beats as well as eccentric twists that gives you the kick of motivation to get through the day. Stream below:

“This song is really fun for us to play live. It works on a party-level really well. But I wrote it in a very difficult time. Life was falling apart all around me and some days it felt like success if I could just hold it together, get to the night, and have a tequila.” shared frontman Ben Elkins. “I wanted this to be more than just a silly drinking song, so when I wrote the verses, I decided to make them as insane sounding as possible. I tried to sing like Ella Fitzgerald or something. I could hear the people next door laughing, but felt really excited about it. Definitely felt risky and out of control, but that’s how my life felt that day, so I went with it.”

As a band, Elel went through a semi-divorce and makeover this past year and a half. They broke away from thier record label and lost half of its band members. As a way of survival (mostly emotionally and mentally), the band kept working on new music and pushing their sounds beyond the pop realm. After an extensive national tour, film feature, and band makeover, Elel is back with new work as survivors of music industry and life transitions. They have a show coming up this month, so if you’re in Nashville go holla at them:

10/27 – Marathon Music Works (Nashville, TN, USA)