Fabich & Jafka’s “Talk To Me” Ft. Liska Is An Exploration Of Sexual Freedom

Yup, definitely not PG13

Photo: Courtesy of Infectious PR

London-based producer Fabich joins forces with soul artist Jafunk to capture the steamy rush of sexual freedom in their new single “Talk To Me” featuring Liska. Built on an electrifying rhythmic skeleton that infuses house and soul, “Talk To Me” is an anthem that celebrates both your personal reawakening as an individual and with someone. Stream below:

“You know that I love creating stories when I’m making a song. One day in session with Liska & Jafunk, we started talking about our personal experiences. The vibe in the studio was amazing and one of us came up with one of the sexual experiences they’d had few weeks ago. It was about having sex but in a really free way! It’s never easy to let yourself go with someone but once you try it, the feeling is amazing” shared Fabich.

You probably heard of Fabich’s works without being aware that it was his. The music maestro is a platinum-selling producer who has collaborated with Lyfe Jennings and Missy Elliot. He currently has a show coming up, so go party with him in Paris:

10/14 – Paris Even Center (Paris, France)