Two Year Break’s “Change My Mind” Is Your New Breakup Rock Anthem

The beginning is therapeutic

Photo: Courtesy of Domino PR

London-based rock quintet Two Year Break captures the tension and anger of breakup in their new video “Change My Mind” where we see a gal curse like there’s no tomorrow. It’s kinda therapeutic listening to her bleeped words and even reminds you of yourself at some dark point of your life. Infused with punk elements, “Change My Mind” is an adrenaline-injecting rock piece that processes the end of a relationship from a lighter perspective. Watch below:

“‘Change My Mind’ is about not being happy in a relationship. We wanted to take a very direct and blunt approach about how the relationship wasn’t going to work and we wrote the lyrics in a conversational style to really capture this. Being in this situation can be somewhat difficult and sometimes it would seem the easier option would be to accept things the way they are. Although this is an emotional subject, the writing style of the song intends to soften this feeling and deprive the listener from feeling guilt over this situation. If they ever find themselves engulfed in something similar the song intends to notify them that it is ok to not want to be with someone.”

Two Year Break has been making waves across the radio and music festivals in the past year. They recently performed at Camden Rock Festival and will be hosting a single release party next month. Go see them in person:

11/9 – Roadtrip & The Workshop (London, UK)