Lost In Japan Gives Us A Sweet Taste Of Freedom In “Never Was You”

Alternative rock

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Canadian quartet Los In Japan injects us with the invigorating rush of rock’n’roll in their new single “Never Was You” where they blend the classic raw elements of alternative rock with edgy grit. Coated with a hazy buzz, “Never Was You” explores an irreparable relationship that was never what it seemed. Stream below:

You have to admit it – their moniker is kinda brilliant and pays homage to Lost In Translation. “Have you ever found yourself suddenly in an exotic country, surrounded by wondrous sights, leaving you breathless with no idea how to find your way home? No? Neither have we… However, that’s the feeling we aim to provide with our music. We want to offer an escape from the monotonous trials of everyday life.” shared the band.

The quartet is currently getting ready to release their self-titled album this month and will also start touring in a few days. Go see them:

10/5 – Rum Runners (London, Canada)

10/18 – This Ain’t Hollywood (Hamilton, ON, Canada)

11/7 – The Brownstone Café (Orillia, ON, Canada)

11/15 – Harmony Lunch (Waterloo, ON, Canada)