Falcons & B. Lewis Make All Of Our R&B Dreams Come True In “Fantasy (Ft. P-Lo)”

Meet your new fairy R&B/hip-hop godmothers

Photo: Mark Peaced

LA/based producer/DJ Falcons joins forces with Bay Area artist B. Lewis in their new stunning collaboration “Fantasy (ft. P-Lo).” Toying with the rushing elements of hip-hop and smoky ambience of R&B, the two maestros create a mesmeric and seductive soundscape that buoys your mind into an almost euphoric drunken state. It’s kinda hot:

Falcons is known for his collaborations with Young Thug, Goldlink, BlocBoy, JB, Rich Brian, and many other big names in the industry. He first met B. Lewis via SoundCloud, but it wasn’t until they were booked for the legendary LA party, Low End Theory, where they decided to songsmith together. “Fantasy (ft. P-Lo)” is a taste of their upcoming collaborative EP DAYDRIFT which will be out this month. Stay tuned for that.