Take A Dive Into The Chillwave World Of Mild Minds’ EP ‘Swim’

It’ll make you dance

Photo: Courtesy of Cent Pour Cent

Meet Mild Minds, the latest addtioin to ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective who creates chillwave sound trimmed with lo-fi elements. His debut EP, Swim, is an underwater journey into the dreamy and transcending state that feels like a brain massage. Drifting between exhilaration and chillaxation, Mild Minds injects us with the right amount of rushing synths and aerated buzz that can be enjoyed either way. Stream below:

“I wanted to do something that was completely ‘me’ in that moment. After being used to working with songs that had elaborate visions over long periods of time, it was nice to make music simply as it came out. Without overthinking it, without pausing or questioning the process like I was used to,” shared Mild Minds.

Benjamin David is the mastermind behind Mild Minds who started songsmithing at the age of 13 in his home in Australia. He’s currently working on his debut LP, so stay tuned.