Zhao’s “Car” Is For F*ck Ups & Midnight Dance

Guilty as charged.

Photo: Jimmy Hang

We’ve all managed to fuck up relationships at some point in our lives – whether we are aware or oblivious of them are another different story. LA-based artist Zhao takes us into a heart-burning, midnight cruise with his single “Car” where he taps into the awareness and acceptance of a relationship that has reached its end. It’s a nocturnal meditation that crises through the guilt, thoughts, and acceptance that comes with it. Stream below:

“There’s a lot of dance tracks that coast along on a few phrases for imagery, but I wanted this to hit on something specific – like feeling responsible for the downfall of a relationship. A song where the person actually recognizes they fucked up, and knows the situation is irreparable. There’s no redemption in the end, the only consolation is the memory. We all carry moments like this around with us, and music has always been an outlet for me to ruminate and daydream – about myself, about things I’ve done, about what could have been.” shared Zhao.