Gavin Haley’s “Sad Season” Is A Well-Rounded Breakup Anthem

“Think it’s time to see me smile again”

Photo: Gavin Haley Facebook

LA-based artist Gavin Haley takes us into a slo-mo, laidback soundscape of soulful pop in his new single “Sad Season” where he reflects on letting go of things in order to move on – whether that is a relationship, personal identity, job, you name it. You can call it as a well-rounded breakup song that can be applied to any life transition we go through – stream below:

Haley started out as a former professional cyclist, but his career took a turn when he got injured while competing in the national cycling team. It was during his recovery period where he started exploring European underground music scene and started making his own music. He recently signed to Red Bull Records and will be touring with XYLØ and Corey Harper this fall.

11/5 – The Catalyst (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)

11/7 – Café du Nord (San Francisco, CA, USA)

11/8 – Hotel Café (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

11/14 – The Wayfarer (Costa Mesa, CA, USA)

11/15 – Hotel Café (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

11/26 – Barboza (Seattle, WA, USA)

11/28 – Mississippi Studios (Portland, OR, USA)