Jeff Carl Sinks Into Intimate & Steamy Heartbreak In “Buried In New York”

Carnal R&B pop

Photo: Courtesy of Threebrand Media

Nashville-based artist Jeff Carl gives us a intimate portrayal of heartache in his new video “Buried In New York” where he shuffles through the mementos of a past relationship. With each one, Jeff shows us intimate moments that are not only emotional but carnal as well. Built on a cinematic arrangement of synths and slow-burning ambience, “Buried In New York” lets Jeff’s deep yet smooth vocals be the shining light of the dark ambience. Watch below:

Jeff’s latest EP Survive (2016) has already broken 1 million streams on Spotify and made him one of the most promising artists in the alternative pop scene. Jeff is currently working on new music, so make sure to keep him under your radar.