MUNYA’s ‘Delmano’ EP Is Made Of Psychedelia, French Pop & Alien Conspiracies

It kinda sounds like something out of Wes Anderson movie

Photo: Samuel Pearson

French-Canadian artist MUNYA’s sophomore EP Delmano should be categorized as paranormal music – the type of music aliens would be blasting on their UFO as they look for the next victim to kidnap. The opening track “If I’m Gone Tomorrow (It’s Because of Aliens)” is built on psychedelic backbone covered with flicks of synths and quivering percussions that balance the fluid smokiness of MUNYA’s vocals. Stream below:

“Hotel Delmano” is a French surreal pop that is trimmed with a level of classy sophistication and enigmatic aura. It’s the type of track you’ll imagine in a Wes Anderson film for its mysterious elegance. The final song “Some More” is where Munya takes you on a slow waltz where she sets you in a detached mellow mood. “Everything comes and goes” she croons. With shimmering chords and fizzling percussions, “Some More” exudes a consistent calmness that you get lost into until the electronic guitars hit your auditory G-spot at 2:44ish. It’s an unexpected addition and feels like a mini earthquake into your ears – but a good one.

Delmano is the second release of MUNYA’s three-part EP trilogy and the follow up of the first release, North Hatley. The gal is currently working on her third EP and has a show coming up:

10/11 – The Diving Bell Social Club / Club Social Le Scaphandre (Montreal, QB, Canada)