Take A Vaporwave Trip With Dirty Nice’s “Always Summer”

“It’s always summer, somewhere”

Photo: Courtesy of Super Cat PR

UK duo Dirty Nice takes us somewhere between mental yoga and acid trip in their new video “Always Summer” where they capture the chromatic aesthetics of 20th century art (think Salvador Dali, Piet Mondrian) through the surreal filter of the Internet. It’s an indietronic track trimmed with elements of vaporwave, R&B, and hip-hop that makes it an abstract sonic portrayal of pop. Immortalizing the euphoric spirit of summer, Dirty Nice preserves that laidback charm and warmth of the season in an electrifying portrait. Watch below:

“The video is a journey through a seemingly infinite surreal landscape of eternal summer; it is both glorious and grotesque as one might imagine an infinite summer to be. Visually, it was heavily inspired by the underground Internet art movement ‘v a p o r w a v e / a e s t h e t i c’ as well as early 20th century abstract artists such as Dali and Mondrian” shared Dirty Nice.

Comprised of Charlie Pelling and Mark Thompson, Dirty Nice started off as mysterious as Batman without unveiling their identities. Thy still keep it low key online, but with their expanding audience and press buzz, it’s hard to stay forever in the batcave. “Always Summer” is the title track of their newest EP, which was released back in October 5th. The duo will be playing shows next month, so make sure to go see them and crack their identities in full:

11/3 – Broadcast (Glasgow, UK)

11/6 – Village Underground (London, UK)***SOLD OUT

11/7 – The Haunt (Brighton, UK)

11/9 – Club Ifor Bach (Cardiff, UK)

11/10 – Trinity (Bristol, UK)