Accü’s “Crash To Kill” Is Post-Destruction Pop

It’s disorientingly catchy

Courtesy of Beast PR

Dutch-born, Welsh-based artist Accü captures the disorienting and survival euphora in the aftermath of destruction in her single “Crash To Kill.” It’s an eccentric take on pop where the gal experiments with arrhythmic arrangements and kooky smokes of ambience that she keeps uncoiling while her slithery voice travels through your system. Peppered with mild ominous tones, “Crash To Kill” captures that rare endorphin rush you get when you’ve survived a catastrophic event – breakup, natural disaster, shitty job – and it’s time to conquer the world:

“’Crash To Kill’ was the first piece I wrote when I decided to make music on my own again. It was a natural yet big decision for me at the time. I suppose my mind saw it fitting to reflect on difficult facts; that destruction is sometimes needed. It’s the being eaten and the desperate wish to be spat back out and that sometimes one must consume the belly that once ate you.”

The track is from Accü’s upcoming debut album Echo The Red, which will be out at the end of this month. Not much is known about Accü since the gal keeps a low profile. But expect to hear more from her as we approach Halloween.