Corina Seas’ “Wasted Time” Is For All Of Us Recovering From Relationship Addiction

Your post-addiction anthem

Photo: Courtesy of LaFamos

LA-based electropop artist Corina Seas dives into the internal and external struggles of an addictively toxic relationship in her new single “Wasted Time.” Built on an upbeat production that channels her freestyle flair, “Wasted Time” taps into the dark side of obsession and love but through a vibrant lens. She doesn’t really take you through her grief, but guide you through her emotional detox where she faces her own struggles with overcoming habitual emotions and re-discovering herself. Stream below:

The track is from Corina’s upcoming EP Disassociated, which will be out on October 26. “The songs on this EP are mostly about my struggles in my last relationship to not lose myself,” she explained. “There’s a lot in there about the fight between my goals for music and my addiction to my last relationship.”

Originally from Florida, Corina is an Honduran-American who started singing as soon as she started talking. Aside from music, Corina is a multi-talented artist who also has passion for dance, linguistics and visual arts.