Isle Of You Is The Swedish Pop Version Of Thelma & Louise

Listen to “Backseat Ceremony”

Photo: Linn Stigsson Stiern

With the wild energy of badassery and 80s pop, Swedish duo Isle Of You captures modern femme power pop that knocks you out with their punchy lyrics and waltzy rhythm. From gusting choruses to slick high pitch, Isle Of Youth lacerates pop with their uncensored accounts of heartbreaks, love, bad decisions, and immortality. Their latest single “Backseat Ceremony” is an immediate catcher that floods you with the inevitable rush to dance, jump, and blast it in full. Stream below:

Comprised of Ida Johansson and Elina Danielsson, Isle Of You have been longtime friends before becoming a collab duo. They released their debut single “50 + 1” in 2016, which became a #1 hit on Spotify’s viral charts. The duo currently moved to Stockholm to work with top producers and songwriters, so expect more bangers to rain.