Tolliver’s EP ‘Rites’ Is A Portrayal Of Hedonism In Holy Form

Gospel-infused R&B

Photo: Lindsay Ellary

In the name of hedonism, Tolliver takes us through a sacred journey into lust, nocturnal parties, carnal pleasures, and loneliness in his new EP Rites. Using a dark atmospheric backdrop, Tolliver infuses elements of gospel choir into his R&B craft, emulating the same kind of sacred feeling you would get in church. But the joke is that he is exploring every anti-holy thoughts, desires, and experiences with the same pious flair:

“The songs are about fantasies, but nothing described is fantastic. I write about things that are immediate, things that just happened to me. I need to let them go, or they’ll drag me to hell.” shared Tolliver. “It’s ultimately a joyous EP. I like indulging, I like redemption, I like sex. But nothing is worse than broken relationships, empty bank accounts and fear. So I beg for forgiveness via these songs, knowing I’ll be back at confessional in no time.”

Tolliver’s sound is largely influenced by his upbringing as the son of a Baptist pastor, which you can tell from the grand atmosphere and gospel choruses. He will be playing several shows at the end of the month in Europe:

10/31 – Debaser Strand (Stockholm, Sweden)

11/1 – Loppen (Copenhagen, Denmark)

11/2 – L’International (Paris, France)

11/3 – Fluxbau (Berlin, Germany)