St. Humain Teaches Us The Early Symptoms Of Lovesickness In “Fever Vibe”

An urban electropop diagnosis

Photo: Courtesy of LPR Agency

Sydney-based Singaporean artist St. Humain frames the early euphoric symptoms of lovesickness in his new single “Fever Vibe” where he strikes urban-infused beats onto an electropop canvas to emulate the exhilarating rush we feel at that stage. With the same emotional sensibilities of pop and the punchiness of EDM, “Fever Vibe” is a chest-pounding banger that lets you savor the first fireworks of romance. Stream below:

In regards to the single, St. Humain shared it’s about “That spark in the early days of a relationship is highly romantic and being the incredibly idealistic person I am, I tried to distill it to a three minute song.”

“Fever Vibe” is from St. Humain’s upcoming debut EP EMOTIONAL SAUNA, which will be out in January 2019. On his EP, he shared, “I want the stuff I create to inspire you live the best life you know how: Stirring up your highs, hugging you when you’re feeling shitty, and right beside you when everything’s simply mundane. Each song is a refection of a certain time in my own life (or sometimes a current reality) and I hope that they resonate with yours”.

St. Humain has already accumulated more than 860k online streams and making waves across playlists in the past months. Make sure to keep him under your radar as we end 2018.