Anemone Captures The Art Of Impractical Optimism In “Sunshine (Back To The Start)”

Especially in relationships

Press: Rene Wilson

With the same dreamy air that saturates the optimistic mind, Anemone takes us into a hazy soundscape of starry-eyed hope for romance in her single “Sunshine.” But despite the hope that permeates the air, there is a pinch of moodiness – an ominous one – that is discreetly embedded within the lyrics and notes. Stream below:

In regards to the song, Anemone explained that it’s about “Overcoming the pattern of falling in love with someone who is unworthy, but that you still believed it could work. I called it ‘Sunshine’ because this song should resonate positively – it is about focusing on the bright side and coming out a stronger person; daydreaming of better, sunnier days.”

Chloé Soldevila is the mastermind behind Anemone who currently lives in Montreal. “Sunshine” is from her upcoming debut LP Beat My Distance, which will be out on February 15th via Luminelle Records. The gal will be supporting POND this month before heading out to Europe. Go see her:

North America 2018

10/16 – Neptune Theatre (Seattle, WA, USA) * supporting POND

10/17 – Rickshaw Theatre (Vancouver, BC, Canada) * supporting POND

10/18 – Wonder Ballroom (Portland, OR, USA) * supporting POND

10/19 – Neurolux (Boise, ID, USA) * supporting POND

10/20 – Urban Lounge (Salt Lake City, UT, USA) * supporting POND

11/9 – Public Arts (New York, NY, USA)

11/10 – Hamilton College (Clinton, NY, USA)

Europe 2018

10/24 – Monarch (Berlin, Germany)

10/25 – Witloof Bar (Brussels, Belgium)

10/26 – Paradiso (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

10/29 – The Shacklewell Arms (London, UK)

10/30 – The Castle (Manchester, UK)

10/31 – Pitchfork Avant-Garde Music Festival (Paris, France)

Latin America 2018

11/23 – Rene’s Bar (Santiago, Chile)

11/27 – Fluvial Showcase (Santiago, Chile)

11/29 – Fluvial Festival (Valdivia, Chile)

11/30 – Fluvial Festival (Valdivia, Chile)

12/2 – Morrostock Festival (Santa Maria, Brazil)

12/3 – Agulha Bar (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

12/6-8 – SIM Music Festival (Sao Paulo, Brazil)