Gold/Shade’s “Not Alone” Ft. Neenah Is A Flight To Electronic Dance Heaven


Photo: Courtesy of Dirty Soul Music

Amsterdam-based Gold/Shade kicks ass in his new single “Not Alone” ft. Neenah. This is not your basic EDM, it’s EDH = Electronic Dance Heaven. It’s hauntingly moody but has the thrilling aesthetics of a stadium banger that is ready to take your adrenalines higher. Capturing the emotional tug-of-war that we all go through with the feeling of loneliness, “Not Alone” is a track that speaks to our ambitions and social instincts:

“The song was created somewhat accidentally. While messing around in the studio I played some chords that actually struck a chord with myself. I really tried to build on that feeling and worked on the song for a bit. Afterwards I sent it to Neenah, who immediately understood the vibe I was going for. I also think she took some inspiration from the ‘not alone’ vocal sample at the end of the song. Funny how that retroactively created big parts of this song.” explained Gold/Shade.

Fritz Nijman is the mastermind behind Gold/Shade who fell in love with music production while he was working at a small club not as a DJ, but bartender. Shortly after, he started making his own music and debuted his single “My Muse,” which garnered more than 1 million streams within 2 months. “Not Alone” is a taste of what the upcoming producer has in store for us and is available everywhere, literally.