Nana Adjoa’s “Sometimes Love Is Evil” Is Softcore Dream Pop

Love is not always romantic.

Photo: Bibian Bingen

Dutch-Ghanian artist Nana Adjoa transports us into a dreamy, noir world in her video “Sometimes Love Is Evil” where her siren-like croons exposes the dark side of such pristine feeling. It’s a melancholically charming track where its softness and buoyancy draws you in like a spell. Watch below:

“For me love is a very abstract term/feeling, but at the same time ‘it’ is this most important thing and one of the highest virtues for many people, cultures and believes. Writing this song, I was exploring this idea and the many different faces of love (Romantic, familiar, unconditional, unrequited etc.) and how the lack of it can lead to pain and trauma. My failings on the subject as guide. This song is about experiencing the bad side of love but pursing it anyways, and exactly that persistence sometimes feels evil. Hoping for a changed, better experience in love but being disappointed in the end, often by your own mistakes. To be clear, I don’t believe love is evil, but sometimes it feels like it is. I felt liking writing a song about that feeling.”

The track is from Nana’s upcoming EP A Tale So Familiar, which will be out on November 7th. The gal is currently on tour, so go see her:

10/11 – Effenaar (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

10/14 – Bitterzoet (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

10/18 – Luxor Live (Arnhem, Netherlands)

10/24 – Paard (The Hague, Netherlands)

11/6 – Rockwood Music Hall (New York, NY, USA)

11/8 – Catalyst (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)

11/9 – The Independent (San Francisco, CA, USA)

11/11 – House of Blues (San Diego, CA, USA)