Bad Sports’ “Constant Stimulation” Is Garage Rock For The Restless

“I need constant stimulation in my ears and in my eyes or I don’t sleep at night”

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

Texas trio Bad Sports quenches our never-ending thirst for novelty and reward with their new garage rock single “Constant Stimulation” where they bring back the classic elements of punk with their hazy riffs and smashing percussions. It’s dark, airy and captures the tense restlessness that we feel in the absence of a trigger:

“Constant Stimulation” is the title track of Bad Sports’ upcoming fourth record, which will be out on October 29th via Dirtnap Records. The trio has a festival coming up, so see them if you’re in Atlanta:

10/26-28 – Atlanta Mess-Around 2018 (Atlanta, GA, USA)