LINES’ “People” Ft. Adele Kosman Is A Universal Celebration Of Humanity

Industrial synthpop

Photo: Petrovsky

Swedish band LINES delivers a message of unity and love for humanity in their new industrial synthpop anthem “People” where they celebrates us in grand-sized thumps and mantric choruses. “People” is a buzz-heavy track where its groovy twists and crafty outbursts yield a magnetic effect that sends goosebumps across your skin. It’s pure, adrenalin-fueling pop anthem that focuses on the simple message of universal love:

“People is our anthem. It’s a song about who we are and a celebration of the people around us, our friends. It’s an invitation to a future of love, tolerance and inclusion.” shared LINES.

Comprised of Erik, Fred, and Nisse, LINES was originally conceived in Berlin when the trio went for a hedonistic trip. Since then, they’ve been crafting viral synthpop that has broken more than 6 million streams on Spotify. Make sure to keep the trio under your radar.