Take An Intergalactic Break With Nic Pool’s “Rockets”

“Getting high on your rockets, your rockets”

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Have you ever felt like you were standing on the verge of reality before your mind was about to lose it and jettison to outer space? Arizona artist Nic Pool nestles us in that exact moment with his latest intergalactic R&B single “Rockets.” It captures the youthful desire to escape from your reality through imagination, but for us the song really nails the emotional state you fall into when your sanity starts slipping away. Interpret it as you want:

“‘Rockets’ is an ode to that feeling of wanting to escape your surroundings and a fascination with all things intergalactic. It’s also a nod to the journeys we take in life that test our limits – the people who mislead and disappoint us, and the fragile line between desire, infatuation and destruction…” shared Nic.

Produced by Elliot Jacobson (Elle King, Vérité, Allie X), “Rockets” is from Nic’s upcoming debut EP You & The Falls, which you can expect to drop early next year. Meanwhile, binge on “Rockets.”