Dayo Bello Bares His Vulnerability In “Echo”

An unfiltered look into depression

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

London artist Dayo Bello marches into his own inner battle with depression in his stunning single “Echo,” taken from his debut EP 360 which is out now. It is a raw and heart-wrenching track where the multi-vocal choruses and soft piano drops capture the often dark and beautiful sides of our most vulnerable thoughts. Stream below:

“‘Echo’ is a song I wrote with my good friend Darryl Dodoo and it is about displaying my vulnerability and battle with depression” explained Dayo. “The song is about feeling alone and feeling so helpless that no one can get to you positively. I use real life examples like even when they called for me and told me words that could help, it all sounded like an echo and all their words just bounced off a bubble I have around me. Shielding me. Often holding me back.”

Dayo is barely 20 years old and started singing back in his church choir days. He will be playing a show this week in London, so make sure to see him in person:

10/17 – The Courtyard (London, UK)