KROWNS Nails The Culture Of Modern Hustling In “FAKE IT”

The key to modern survival

Photo: Chris Doi

Canadian trio KROWNS exemplifies the digitally-bred youth of today who has to keep up with breakneck pace of information, technology, and self-absorbed humanity. You can tell from their latest single “FAKE IT” in where the trio sums up the modern culture of hustling – you’re just never good enough for the skyrocketing expectations that society has on you. So what do you do to survive? You fake it. If you like Twenty One Pilots but with a more youthful flair, then KROWNS is a must in your playlist:

Comprised of Kyle McKearney, Shade McKearney, and Adam Casey, KROWNS is a Calgary-based band who are ‘newbs’ into the scene. They debuted their single “High While The World Ends” just three months ago and so far what we can tell is that they have a knack for utilizing rock, hip-hop, and alternative elements to bring magic to our ears. The single is the title track of their upcoming EP, which will probably drop next January. Stay tuned.