ONUR’s “Stunnah” Is Very Sensual, So You Should Hear It

Carnal R&B

Photo: Courtesy of Wig Music

London artist ONUR boxes us straight into a sensual, intimate moment in his new soulful single “Stunnah” where he captures the carnal passion with his siren-like high pitch. The melody is a slow-burning groove that you would expect to listen to during late night hours with a cocktail or right before mating. What makes “Stunnah” a true eccentric R&B treat is ONUR’s voice – it’s hypnotic:

“I’ve always loved more sensual music. And I feel as though Stunnah is just that embodiment. It’s raw, it’s aggressive, yet still delicate” explained Stunnah. “I’ve always liked that almost James Brown ethos of not holding back and saying ‘I’ve just fucking landed’, and I think that can also be heard in this track…I definitely feel as though this song is a statement more than anything else. A statement of confidence, passion and energy.”

ONUR first broke into the scene back in December with his debut “Beamin,” which landed him in various music publications and even Martin Garrix’ Spotify playlist. “Stunnah” is from ONUR’s upcoming debut EP expected to drop early 2019.