Alpines’ “Be Yours” Is A Complex Outlook Of Manmade Love & Destruction

Humans complicate things

Photo: Cyrus Mahboubian

London duo Alpines peels off the complex layers of the heart in their song “Be Yours” in which the duo explained that it’s about “love and all its forms and the many ways it can be complicated and uncertain, but also how love is everything.” From mellow atmosphere to cascading flood of balladry, Alpines delivers an intimate state of rare vulnerability with a dreamy effect. The self-directed video was shot on iPhone over three days and despite its stunning natural beauty, serves as a warning for climate change:

“On the surface this video is in an idyllic setting with the beauty of nature everywhere, but we wanted the flowers contained in the plastic bag to represent how plastic is destroying this planet. It is everywhere, and it is destructive, and we have to stop, address and completely change the way we are living otherwise it will be too late.”

“Be Yours” is from their upcoming third album Full Bloom, which will be out on November 16th. The duo will be playing in London next month so go check them out:

11/15 – Rich Mix (London, UK)