Curtis Alto Brings Fluidity & Chaos Together In Their EDM Sound

Listen to “Clear Vision”

Photo: Curtis Alto Facebook

If you are into EDM, then you probably fist-pumped at some point in your life with Curtis Alto during: a) Tomorrowland b) Parookaville c) Balatan Sound d) Electric Love or e) All of the above. This Belgian sibling duo has that hit-level ability to create an ongoing, smooth euphony while also bombarding your adrenalines with sharp samples and mini bursts. Their latest single “Clear vision” is a shimmering hybridization of breakbeats and atmospherics that makes it an impeccable stadium-filling track. There is a rare, fluid bounce that soar over the incandescent riffs and flooding rave pads that captures the duo’s mojo in creating flow and chaos at the same time. Watch the video below:

Comprised of Mathias and David, Curtis Alto has been staging some of the biggest electronic festivals across Europe and spreading their songs across international radios. Check out the live session of “Daydream” at the historical Rubenshuis in Antwerp:

“Clear Vision” is out now via their own label Curtis Alto Music, which is a sub label of Spinnin Records. Keep up with the duo via FB or IG.