Dim Sum’s “Ange” Is An Indietronic Dance Of Nostalgia & Childhood

The simpler, glorious times

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground

Paris-based artist Dim Sum takes us into an ethereal waltz of nostalgia with his new single “Ange” where he incorporates elements of nu-disco and chillwave into his indietronic canvass. It’s a bouncy track that captures the bubbliness of young naïveté and the inevitable melancholia we experience knowing we can’t go back. Ever. This is the type of song that Peter Pan would’ve made if we paid for his Ableton:

“‘Ange’ is the second single from my new EP which will be out in December. It is a very important track for me because it is based on samples of my girlfriend’s voice. This is a track about childhood and nostalgia.” shared Dim Sum.

Dim Sum has been engraving his name in the indietronic scene with his remixes and works, whih have now broken 10 million Spotify streams. He’s getting ready to drop his new EP this winter, so you know it’s gonna be a good Xmas.