North Elements Shares New Softcore R&B “It’s Always Been ~ You” Ft. Ayelle

Perfect for the weather

Photo: Aleksander Jason

It’s fall, which means we all need some soft and warm R&B music that will help us chillax, get in touch with our feelings, and procrastinate even more. North Elements just nailed the timing by dropping his new gorgeous single “It’s Always Been ~ You” featuring London artist Ayelle. Out now via Mammal Sounds Records, it’s a soft and comforting piece that taps into the emotional rollercoaster of being in a long-distance relationship:

“This single developed as an unexpected spark of creativity in a time of uncertainty and insecurity, and it has been my proudest work to date. The collective energy that went into this song rejuvenated my writing, confidence and sense of self, after a prolonged period of self-doubt.” shared North Elements. “I wrote the track about being in a long-distance relationship and learning to make the most of the time you spend together. Ravi already had a title for the song when I started working on it and it just fit perfectly with what the instrumental made me feel. We went back and forth with ideas a couple of times as I was in London and Ravi in Australia, but all in all it felt like a really natural process.”

Now that North Elements is out of his creative block, be on the lookout for more bangers from him.