Many Voices Speak’s “Chances” Is An Anthem For Misfits

Outcast pop

Photo: Olof Grind

Swedish artist Many Voices Speak dissects what it means and feels being marginalized in her new single “Chances.” It’s a contemplative anthem that also serves as a safe haven for misfits who constantly wrestle with the absence of belonging. With an air of serenity, Many Voices Speak hovers around the washed-out ambience between lo-fi and dream pop. Stream below:

The track is from her latest album Tank Town, which was released back in August 31st and can be streamed below:

Matilda Mård is the mastermind behind Many Voices Speak who broke into the scene with her debut EP Away for All Time back in 2016. Matilda wrote and recorded most of Tank Town outside of Avesta, Sweden where she currently lives.