michael casper’s “teenage apathy” Is A Self-Diagnosis Of Love & Isolophobia

Lo-fi hip-hop

Photo: Eddie Mandell

There’s something apocalyptic about the serenity in michael casper’s latest video “teenage apathy” – you can feel that eerie air the moment you see him halfheartedly spread his peanut butter on the bread. Blending elements of R&B and hip-hop while keeping the tone at a lo-fi level, michael navigates through the soul-burning doubt of differentiating love from isolophobia. The video features Michael go on a solo picnic where he is joined by a mysterious and ominous figure:

In regards to the track and video, michael explained that it’s about “a conversation on the difference between love and codependency. sometimes it’s hard to decipher whether or not you’re in love or just scared of being alone.”

Be on the lookout for more tunes from michael and don’t capitalize his name. Just. Don’t.