cln Teaches Us The Priceless Pleasure Of Carnal Comfort In “Own Skin”

“Learn to love your own skin”

Photo: Finn Rm

Aussie electronic artist cln boosts our self-love with his new mellow single “Own Skin” where he reminds us of the pure pleasure of being happy with yourself. But it ain’t cheesy or anything, cln keeps it smooth with the slow-burning rhythm and drizzling synths that give you a you-do-you boost. Sometimes it’s important to appreciate who you are rather than seek to be what you aren’t right now:

Callan Alexander is the mastermind behind cln who wrote this track years ago, but didn’t finish it until early this year when he took a trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa (fun fact: he spent a lot of his childhood there). “The sunsets in the Kruger National Park are very beautiful, and the noises of all the wildlife accompanying them even more so. Those scenes inspired me to finish this song and most of the imagery in the lyrics; it’s about being comfortable with yourself, and not feeling like you have to be someone else.” shared cln.

“Own Skin” is from cln’s upcoming debut album, which also features guest appearances from Spritely (Los Angeles), ACES (New York City) and Car Fox (Sydney, aka ex-Porsches). Be on the lookout for more cln beats.