Falcons & B. Lewis Tap Into Relationship Addiction In “Waterworld” Ft. Goldlink & Jazz Cartier

Old school G funk with the modern flavor of hip-hop and R&B

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

Falcons and B. Lewis is giving us a taste of addictive and highly inflammable relationships (the best/worst kind) in their new single “Waterworld” ft. Goldlink and Jazz Cartier. Bringing classic G funk into their R&B and hip-hop landscape, the four takes us into a smooth waltzy reflection of addictions that we can’t break away from:

“‘Waterworld’ is about that relationship that you know isn’t perfect but you just can’t get away from it,” shared Falcons. “This was the first song that Brad and I made for the EP. He showed me the idea of pitching his vocals like old school g funk… And I freaked out and made the beat for it immediately. We knew we needed rappers who were comfortable w the subject matter and able to hit a melodic flow… Goldlink and Jazz were honestly the perfect fit for this. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever made.”

“Waterworld” is from the duo’s collaborative EP Daydrift, which will be out on October 26th.