Girl Wilde’s “Bad Side” Is A Gorgeous Portrayal Of Our Own Hot Mess

Sythpop for the imperfect creatures

Photo: Liza Boone

Mysterious artist Girl Wilde is making her footprint in the synthpop scene with her debut single “Bad Side” where she exposes the imperfect and messy parts of herself to a lover. Admit it – you also have a dark side that brings the worst version of yourself and even others. But hey, it’s still part of you and part of your package. And that’s what Girl Wilde celebrates with spiky choruses and head-kicking beats that hook into your brain like the virus you got from your ex. Just kidding, but seriously – it’s one catchy song:

“’Bad Side’ was unintentionally the first song I wrote for the project. I went into the studio with Allie McDonald and Dave Burris and spoke to them about the side we try to hide from people when we first meet them. The mess, the struggles, the downright uncomfortable and unattractive truths. We found ourselves giggling over the stupid and destructive things we did as our past selves to seem more desirable. We felt sassy and empowered. We just had a really good time making it and I hope people will feel that.” shared the gal.

All we know about Girl Wilde is that she is a redhead (for now) who keeps a low profile online.