Tom Boy Gives Us Career Advice In “How To Become A Drug Dealer”

Wastecase pop

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Forget TED talks or career coaches, you just need to watch Tom Boy’s latest video “How To Become A Drug Dealer” to get your life together. Well, not quite. But it’s a chromatic and shiny video that captures a dark career path that you should avoid at all costs – the music industry. Just joking but not really. As the title implies, the song and video captures the burning nature of addictions not only on the addict, but also his/her surroundings. “How To Become A Drug Dealer” is a slightly dirge-y pop that where the smashing percussions and moody contemplation walk us through the destruction that addiction can bring:

“The connection between our reckless dependency on relationships gone bad and the damaging withdrawal symptoms that they evoked became too clear to ignore. ‘How To Become a Drug Dealer’ paints a picture of addiction, drawing parallels between the relationships of drug-abuser/dealer and people in deteriorating relationships.” explained Tom Boy.

Describing their sound as ‘wastecase pop,’ Tom Boy is comprised of Nate Daniels, Dante Berardi Jr, Rashad Mohammed, and Andrew Wiseman who are currently based in Toronto. Nate and Dante were former members of the now-defunct act CAIRO. Now under the new moniker Tom Boy, they “wrote songs that mirrored our trainwreck past – drugs, mental illness, booze, affairs, and all.” Be on the lookout for more wastecase pop in the upcoming months.