Sleepspent Teaches You How To Kick People Out Of Your Party In “Come Smile With Me”

A crucial life hack

Photo: Jesse Maynes

Texas-based trio Sleepspent teaches us an essential life skill in their new video “Come Smile With Me”: how to kick people out of your party. Now, this seems to defeat the purpose of the party, but you’re going to reach a point in your college career where you just want people to fucking leave your place cuz five strangers puked and in two hours you have to drive to an unpaid bitchwork internship interview. Oddly enough, songwriter/guitarist Austin North shared that the song is actually “about miscommunication and how people don’t think before they speak, or don’t care about the impact their words have.” Oh, the irony:

“The video involves me kicking people out of a party. It kind of replicates the contrast that the song has. Sonically, it makes sense to soundtrack a house party, but lyrically it is much more introspective and contemplative than a stereotypical party track. The lyrics involve sleep and silence, and so it feels appropriate to showcase the song with the end of a party, when one is exhausted and just wants to rest.” explained Austin.

Austin started performing back when he was a UC San Diego undergrad. He eventually returned to his hometown in El Paso, where he formed Sleepspent with Grant Gonzalez (bass) and Josh Mendoza (drums). “Come Smile With Me” is from the trio’s debut EP It’s Better If You Don’t Speak Or Think, which was produced by Chris Common (Minus The Bear, Chelsea Wolfe, Le Butcherettes) and you can stream below:

They have shows coming up:

10/22 – Neon Rose Bar (El Paso, TX, USA)

10/27 – Ardovinos Desert Crossing (Sunland Park, NM, USA)

11/2 – Lost Horse Saloon (Marfa, TX, USA)

11/3 – Hole In The Wall (Austin, TX, USA)