Lil Kwiet’s “Look Up” Is An Electropical R&B Treat

A banger straight outta some island in the Mediterranean

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

We’re lying – Lil Kwiet’s “Look Up” is not really from a studio out of the Mediterranean…it’s actually a track created by the Minneapolis producer Lil, who keeps a low profile right now. While you may not have heard of him, you probably have heard some of his works that he ghost-produced behind the EDM scene. And you can tell by how seasoned the sound of “Look Up” is –it has the right infusion of tropical elements and electromagnetic pulse that yield an inevitable groovy hook. Stream below:

What we know so far about Lil is that he’s only 20 and skipped out of college to produce music behind the scenes. But now he is ready to take the front seat, so keep up with him via Instagram and SoundCloud.