Mae Muller Makes Breakup Bitterness Taste Sweet In “Pull Up”

Dedicated to all the sour breakups you’ve had

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

UK artist Mae Muller frames the bitter stage of breakup in her new lo-fi, smooth single “Pull Up.” Produced by Grammy-nominated Two Inch Punch, “Pull Up” is a raw and simple depiction of heartbreak where Mae shuffles through old memories, conflicting emotions, and the sour aftertaste that lingers. It’s sad, but there is a weird level of serenity to it that makes you want to chill with it for hours:

“I wanted to capture the kind of bitterness you can feel when something doesn’t end so well” explained Muller. “It’s not the prettiest emotion but it’s real, and everybody goes through it. I’ve done songs about break-ups but not from this kind of angle and I wanted to try it.”

Mae Muller broke into the scene with her debut EP After Hours back in February. Make sure to check that out: